I had basically shut down, stopped interacting with friends pushed them away along with my hobbies. I went to three different therapists for help and after six sessions each, they each told me the same thing. They said you survived so nothing is wrong, but I knew there was something wrong because I couldn’t shake all the bad things that had happened to me in my life.
A friend suggested that I should [contact] Suzanne McColl after she witnessed a big change for the better in one of her clients that was seeing Suzanne. I got an appointment with Suzanne and unlike the others, she actually listened to me! It took a few sessions to get everything out and Suzanne kept detailed notes of the issues. Suzanne’s EMDR Therapy is amazing! It was like everything was stripped away one layer at a time.
I’m better than new! Friends have said to me, “Welcome back”, I told them, I’m not back because I’m in a peaceful place that I’ve never been to in my life.
— Charles, Connecticut

Suzanne and Kathryn are both amazing, genuine individuals.. very talented and versed in the services they provide in and out of their community..highly recommend!
— Donna, Connecticut

Suzanne and Kelly are both open-hearted, spirited women, who just by talking to, make you feel inspired.
— Alison, Connecticut